My name is johnny even I am a u YouTuber .and I post game play so people love my video I’m play a new game called twin tower hero it’s about the sad advent in the U.S.A . So the game is about save To save people so less people die u can pick ur player you can be a ploice a fire man or a brave man or woman its a game I’m doing this becasue the special day for people how died for people 9/l1 is a day people will remember sorry I was late it was t
Two day ago I will pray for them the end

2 thoughts on “Youtuber”

  1. I like your story because it’s about you being a celebrity but always check if your story make sense or not.

    From,Fortune in Mr.Russell’s class 17/18

  2. Well done on your entry on this week’s 100 word challenge Bradley. I like the way you have used a retelling of what you have experience of. Hopefully you can get time to read your own writing. When you do, have a think where full stops should go to mark the end of your sentences. It will really help your readers understand your great writing ideas.

    Mr H, Team 100WC (London)

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