The sweet with a mind of its own

Once on a hallowen. A kid was trick or treating. He droped a sweet on the floor. 2 weeks later it was a stormy night. The Lightning hit the sweet. The next night a man was going to his freinds house. The mans nose was bleeding and a blood drop fell on the sweet. The sweet began to grow legs. Then a kid (who looked like hes in college). Saw the sweet move on legs. The kid took the sweet to hes college. Then with hes lab partner he would not beilve hes eyes. They went to the lab. But……before they get into their white clothes (they use for when they do something in the lab). The sweet had no more legs no more legs or eyes….The End…Yay!

5 thoughts on “The sweet with a mind of its own”

  1. Good heavens, a mutant sweet! I think your story has turned me off sweets for a long time Filip! Thank goodness the sweet had no more legs or eyes by the end of the story. I think I might have nightmares tonight thinking about your story! Keep up the great work!

  2. I love Halloween time Filip, and I really like that you set your story at this Festive time. Sounds like this sweet had all sorts of magical powers – or was it just the college guy’s imagination?? Great story.

  3. I like the way your story was scary and I like the way you said trick or threating.

    From Fortune in Mr.Russell’s class

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