WK9: Run run

It was a cold Winters day, the wonderful time of the year where everyone is stuck inside but me and my friends Bill, Billy, Bob and Joe.  After all the snowball fights Billy saw that there was other kids outside.  Bob went over to ask to play with us.  Bob went to tap the first kids shoulder but Bobs hand went straight through his shoulder we screamed and shouted for help and ran the whole way to my house and told my dad that there were ghosts outside.  My dad looked outside and all he saw was kids playing outside,  where what we saw was ghosts.

4 thoughts on “WK9: Run run”

  1. Hi Ben I like the bit where and all he saw outside was kids playing outside I hope you get a showcase see ya


  2. Hey Ben I love the bit when your friend bob gets his arm pushed into his shoulder keep up the good work


  3. Hi Ben I like your story I like the way that boy went over to call for you and snowman fights billy that’s funny who won great story well done by

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