WK9 Inhuman town

In a galaxy far far away now before you think of Star Wars it’s not ok.This is Inhuman town as you can tell they are all inhumans.I am in Inhuman town my name is Satan.There is lots of lights and buildings here it’s a fun place.But there is a myth it’s a ghost it’s the ghost of Twan Killer.He haunts Inhuman town.He has been spotted a few times I saw him once it was at the edge of the town were weak inhumans get thrown off.We have an army but you have to be strong like really strong because we get attacked by humans.This town is known as a myth.

4 thoughts on “WK9 Inhuman town”

  1. Hi Adam love you story I love the first line. Inhumans town must be lucky to have an army. Keep up the great work Adam.

    -Ben Q

  2. Hi Adam I like your story because the start was really good thumbs up good story keep up the good work brilliant story

  3. Your story is really good! I especially liked the beginning sentence. I would like to know more about this myth… Good job!

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