WK:9 The Day The World Began To End.

One dull and wet day in Italy, it was about 7:00 pm, and everybody was out. Then out of nowhere, these random people that looked like holograms or ghosts started terrorising people. They started pushing them onto the wet ground where they disappeared into oblivion, then out of nowhere they came back looking like holograms. It soon spread all over the world where people pushed and shoved people onto the floor, off of buildings and even into rivers. The people who got pushed into rivers rose from the dirty water. There maybe some survivors out there are they ghosts or are they human, I guess we’ll never know.

3 thoughts on “WK:9 The Day The World Began To End.”

  1. Well done Sean, I enjoyed your story. You’ve done a great job this week. I like how you end your story on a mysterious note. Great work.
    Ms Brennock

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