Wk9 The day I saw a ghost through my camera

I’m Jamie and I am a photographer one day I was taking pictures in Paris and saw a ghost and I was terrific!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. They seemed interested in my camera my camera suddenly started to fly away. I chased my camera into a dark alley ware a glowing magnifying glass. I then released I was looking at the lens of truth it let’s the welder to see ghosts I used it to see the ghosts that had stole my camera. I instantly recalled who they were it was Adam and Josh they had come to kill me…………

5 thoughts on “Wk9 The day I saw a ghost through my camera”

  1. hi jamie
    your story reminds me of mine.I hope you escape from josh and adam.

    bye aidan

    kanturk bns

    p.s I like the action

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