WK7: The scary house of Ireland

One day when me and my family were in Wexford, we went to the haunted house of Loftis Hall. It was close enough to Halloween,so it made it that bit more scary. It was early in the afternoon, and then we went inside for the tour.It was very scary and we were halfway there and as the door slammed,I knew I that there was someone was in here. I asked my mam and dad could we get out, and they asked the tour guide and she said yes. Now I know for sure I will never ask to back there.

3 thoughts on “WK7: The scary house of Ireland”

  1. Hi Sean. I like your story because the guy or the thing in the room and the way it is based on something real. From Peter

  2. Hi Sean,

    Thank you for your 100wc this week. Is Loftis Hall a real place? I’m not sure that I’d like to visit if it is haunted! I’m a bit scared of things like that. One of the rules I have for children in my class is only to use one ‘and’ in a sentence because they can make your sentences extra long. It can make your writing sound more tense if you write the sentences without the ‘and’ too. What do you think?

    It was very scary. We were halfway there. As the door slammed, I knew that there was someone there.

    Maybe you could try them out in your next scary piece of writing.
    Keep up the great work,
    Mrs McG (Team 100wc)
    Derbyshire, England

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