Wk7: The Haunted Horrer

Yo what’s up guys. Today we are in a haunted house. Right now I’m with Jake and for new subscribers I’m Anthony. We are in the haunted house now. For some reason it’s really warm in here, and it smells terrible here well I guess that’s obvious.Well we are back again and Jake just found a dead body. Guys get ready we are going into the Death Room, wait a second is that a Mad Man? Wait no he has a axe, NO HES COMMING RUN. I fell down, so I crawled out, but as the door slammed I knew it’s over for my life…

3 thoughts on “Wk7: The Haunted Horrer”

  1. Hi Excel,

    What a brilliant story! This is a really good piece of horror writing, especially around Halloween time. It is also really unique as you have put the spin of a report on it, making it feel more personal. I can relate to this as I have experienced a similar feeling. I went to the London Tombs, a horror attraction in the city. It was really scary, they had professional actors and everything, which made it feel so real. I like the way you talk about the senses in the piece, like the heat. Did you know that in many ghost sightings people report a drop in temperature? I also really like how you end the piece on a cliffhanger, really building up the anticipation. I wonder what happened to the reporter? Keep up the good work!

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