WK:7 Haunted funfair

One day as I was taking a walk with my friends in the night we saw a sign on cork road saying secret funfair . Then we saw a old rusty roller coaster. We hopped inside and of it took us with an unbelievable speed up twisted and swirly tracks. Then we arrived at a door saying beware. We went through the door and we saw something beyond amazing. As the door slammed,I knew this place was haunted. Me and my friends returned to the roller coaster triying to power it up to bring us back home but it was no use. We were stuck for ages until our parents came.then we found it that this place was our parents hide out to keep away from us.

2 thoughts on “WK:7 Haunted funfair”

  1. Hi Benjamin I love your story because I love writing horrors aswell.It reminds me of paranormal activity.Did you see ghosts. Bye from Dylan Mrs Boyces class

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