Wk:7 The cursed door

It is 3459 when humans have just discovered alien existent. But it caused a serious war against aliens. But humans we’re more than ready to deal with aliens.       Using live stealer. There were a young man called Mashta he was born strong and fast . But one day he was trying to save his friend from a falling plane Mashta used his super strength to but he just made a hole to save his friend. Mashta quickly found a open door Mashta quickly went in and found is friend injured as the door slammed, I knew that Mashta had to get out now . Mashta quickly got out and drove all the aliens out

2 thoughts on “Wk:7 The cursed door”

  1. Great story this week Faustas. I could imagine your story as a film or even a super hero comic strip.
    I really like the name you have given the hero.
    Keep up the great writing.

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