WK7 The alien invasion

One day I was in my house just chilling and suddenly as the door slammed,I knew there was trouble.As I went over to the door there was aliens but very unusual aliens.As in really funny one was eating his feet they call them selfs Ogbog and Ogborg.”Get your feet out your mouth! shouts Ogbog.I ask them where did they come from they play smart and said somewhere.They tell me about themselves they are from Bordorclock a small planet like myself to be honest.I just can’t stop laughing at Ogborg he has his feet in his mouth again.”GET YOUR FEET OUT OF YOUR MOUTH Ogbog shouts.

5 thoughts on “WK7 The alien invasion”

  1. Hi Adam I like your story! Aliens ? cool story Adam I like the bit when he says Get your feet out of your mouth! This is a amazing story Adam I hope you get a showcase ?

    Filip real flip

  2. Why does Ogborg have this feet-thing? This reminds me of Monster’s Inc. Where do you get your ideas from?

  3. Hi Adam,

    A really unique story! This is a really good piece of sci-fi writing, especially around the time that films like Star Wars are coming out. I really like Star Wars and the way they incorporate all of the funny creatures, just as you described yours. Often overlooked, comedy is crucial to a good sci-fi plot as it builds a lot of repour with the audience – so really well done on that! I like the way that you make use of quotation marks. It is really effective. I also really like how you end the piece with capital letters, really bringing the piece out. Keep up the good work!

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