Wk6 the attack

Hi Im alekss. we all have read the latest news so today we are going to someone’s house. And people said something happened . But let’s find out . And we are here and there were police and some news vans so some people said he was running because he saw a moving object. And he tripped over a bottle and fell into a pond. We went to were he fell into and it looked allful and the police thought the moving object throw something like a bottle on the ground and he fell over and into the pond police said and bye.

4 thoughts on “Wk6 the attack”

  1. Hi Alex’s I liked the part when you said we all have read the latest news so today I hope you make more reports like this one

  2. Hi Alekss,
    your story was great I love how you said there was a moving object and didn’t say what the object was. what was a hard part about writing this story? I found my self wondering was there a suspect in the story. your story is different from mine. My title was “Friday The 13th” because there is a movie called Friday the 13th and it is scary and the promte was a mystery.

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