WK6: Storm Has hit Ireland on weekend

Hurricane Ophelia has hit Ireland in the worst storm in more than 50 years.Enough damage has been done all over the country,with thousands without power.Trees have fallen everywhere,and even have fallen on people’s houses.Pictures show in newspapers     of wind blowing debris all over the road and on the footpaths,and even trees ripping out of the ground.For the first time also Ireland got a status red weather warning.People all over Ireland are without power and even water,and everyone is paying a bit of money to help those in need,and help them get a new house if theirs got destroyed.Millions are hoping that this will never happen again.

5 thoughts on “WK6: Storm Has hit Ireland on weekend”

  1. Hi Sean loved your story the best part was about the Millions are hoping that this will never happen again well done ? great job


  2. Well done Sean I do really hope this never happens again I think everyone does actually but anyway great story Sean Keep up the work!?


  3. Hi Sean. I like the way you put all of the proper punctuation in and your description is amazing well done from Peter

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