One beautiful day in Waterford. Turned into a tragic and very sad day. For the family of the powers. Maria’s father was at the red iron bridge with his friends. He was sitting on the pillar on the side of the bridge. His name was Danny. His friend Darrell gave Danny a fright. And he fell off of the pillar. He fell into the key river. And Darrell, Sean and Patrick rang up the police. With such a fright could bearly even talk. They said my freind fell in the river. They said come QUICK ¬†QUICKLY. The rescue copter came and found his body and sadly did not make it.

3 thoughts on “WK6 THE RED IRON BRIDGE JUMP”

  1. Hi Bradley loved your story and the best part was about the RED IRON BRIDGE well done ? great job

    -josh mrrussell.100wc.net

  2. I am sorry for your lost Danny R.I.P

    Great story Bradley m I liked the part were Darrell scared Danny and Danny fell of the bridge.

    From Tom

  3. Hi Bradley, I love the story very instresting. I think it is a cool place were it happend. The red iron bridge. Now remember said is dead!!! Use a word to say said beside of said. I think you can add like how he died did a heart attack when he fell in did he not know how to swim. But AWESOME story!!! Go check me out see the action… Down below

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