Wk6 Man united plane crash

One day man united were going to play a big game . it was snowing  very strong the teams flight got cancelled .so they all said they need to go so they went on the next plan.   and they went on plan . Very wobble  start . About  half way through the flight. Bobby Charlton  and Denis Irwin . We’re playing a game of cards . That’s when the plane started the really wobble  . Then boom the crash loads of incont people were surverly hurt.  and a few dead one of the best players were in a pond with his boots hanging  out of the pond  on that sad day . In the munic crash man united lost half of the team.

4 thoughts on “Wk6 Man united plane crash”

  1. Hi Roy loved your story the best part was about Bobby Charlton well done ? great story

    -josh mrrussell.100wc.net

  2. Good story Roy I like how u put in a real moment in time it was very sad is well . Keep up the good work

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    From Ben.C

  3. Hi Roy,
    I enjoyed reading your piece today! I liked how you made them go to a sports game. But I didn’t really get the middle and end of your story. I also saw some spelling errors. Next time, before you summit your writing, check your spelling. Hey guess what, Roy is my dog’s name! But anyways, before I end this comment I have a question. How did you come up with the story?

    Happy writing:
    Brett in Illinios!
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