Wk6 hurricane Ophelia

My name is Steve and I’m reporting for The Irish Times.I’m reporting on the worst hurricane in Ireland in over 50 years.It was a red alert hurricane and it was called hurricane Ophelia.It had winds up that were so strong that it could blow roofs off houses and easily blow down trees.It was very scary next to the sea the waves were up to 45 feet in the air.Some people got lucky to not have anything knocked down near or around their house.There are three people that have passed away.Someone was also found in a river and all you could see was the bottom of his legs and his boots.

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  1. Hi Shaun Im Græme i like your story/news report its very intresting I wish i understood why the storm started was it natural disaster of was it a unnatural disaster. the fact that it was creating waves was amusing because it normaly cant do that it just rockes waves back and forth intill it crashes ahore normaly.this was a great story come check out my blog at :

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