WK6: Hurricane Maria Comes To The American Continent

My name is Fortune. I am a news reporter. I am reporting about Hurricane Maria.

Hurricane Maria was developed from a tropical wave then a tropical storm after it became a hurricane on the 16/09/17 in the east of the Lesser Antilles.

Hurricane Maria is smaller than Hurricane Irma. The 13th named storm,the seventh hurricane and the second category of 5 hurricanes is, Hurricane Maria.

¬†Maria came to the American continent on the 19/10/17, destroying houses in Puerto Rico, Dominica, Dominican Republic, USA’s Borders, USA’s Virgin Islands, Haiti, Bahamas, Guadeloupe, Turk And Caicos Islands, Martinique and Lesser Antilles.

At least 93 people were deceased  during the hurricane.


4 thoughts on “WK6: Hurricane Maria Comes To The American Continent”

  1. I like how it is the 13th name storm in the world and it was very sad at the end when you said 93 people died. keep up the great work
    By Collins mrussellsclass.100wc.net

  2. Hi fortune I really like your story I love that it was a tropical hurricane and not a storm type of hurricane

    By Bradley m

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