Wk9: The Forgotten Souls

Once there was a haunted city in America. The name is unknown, only the C.I.A know about the origins. The sacred state is inflated with gas so any one that goes there will surely die. It is a place where 3 souls layed and rest. The souls where angry that their families and their country had forgotten them. They soon had revenge on their country by terrorising them and scaring the two living hells out of them. The C.I.A had to release the story or the souls will be forever in a angry spirit. The C.I.A soon told the story it says DIE…

4 thoughts on “Wk9: The Forgotten Souls”

  1. HI Excel! What a spooky and creative story you were able to write based on the 100WC picture prompt this week. Those three souls sound pretty angry.

    Nice job!

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