wk:7 Dr poopy pants saves the world

Once apun a time there was a hero named dr poopy  pants .Every body thou lad he was a nice guy. But dr pip was his enemy but dripping was bad he hated every body.He tried to take over the world many times about 100 times but suddenly a Big Bang ? .Dr poopy pants went to see what is happening there he is dr pip was taking over . Drpoopy pants was there he saw him and followed him . Dr pip went to his house and as the door slammed I knew he was hidding I found him and put him in the dirt he was never seen again.

2 thoughts on “wk:7 Dr poopy pants saves the world”

  1. Hi Thomas,
    Your characters are definitely interesting 😉 I was surprised to find out that you are Dr. Pip. I’m glad you prevailed.
    Keep writing,
    Mrs. Wlazlo in Stillwater, NY
    Team 100

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