WK:6 The boy who got pulled in

Breaking news some people found a boy unconscious in the water some people said that he slipped others said he got pulled in the police are investigating what happened to the poor boy. Finally the police found a lead on something some diver men found a doplihin swimming in the pond the divers were amazed but why did the dolphin pull the boy into the pond after that the police went to the and asked the boy what happened so the boy told the police that while he was walking he saw a figure swimming so he went up to him and pulled in the police are still investigating

3 thoughts on “WK:6 The boy who got pulled in”

  1. Hi Alamin,
    I enjoyed reading your report. Well done.
    I wonder was it the dolphin? I often go to see the dolphin Fungi in Dingle and I’d hate to think he might pull someone into the water. I hope the police solve this mystery quickly.
    Good work this week.
    Mrs Boyce (Team 100WC)


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