WK:5 My precious thing

It is mostly used by the ungarateful flamingo(my sister) that lives with me. There are many high professionals that create this thing. You can get it in many sizes and types in different shops. You use a type of card to get it going. Most people are addicted to it and have endless hours of using it. The company’s of this thing sell it either monthly or all at once. You need Wifi if you want to research something on this thing or more. Young children are unlikely to use this thing because they don’t have the knowledge to understand what goes on on this thing.

5 thoughts on “WK:5 My precious thing”

  1. Hi Benjamin,
    I have no clue what it is and I like the way the description is amazing and keep up the good work.Please comment my story on hptss://mrrussell.100wc.net/My-Smart-Pet/

    From Fortune in Mr.Russell’s class

  2. Oh wow, Benjamin. I have to admit I’m a little stumped! You have written a fantastic description, so I’m going to guess that it is a mobile phone? I can’t really think of anything else that it could be! I take it the flamingo– I mean, your sister, is on hers a lot! Keep up the good work!

  3. Great play out, i have no idea what this is. Maybe it’s an electronic device? I really liked his story, it was funny and smart! Keep up the good writing.
    Eileen 6th class, Sacred heart primary school, granard, Co. Longford.

  4. Benjamin, you had me lost. I had to read your story again to look for clues. I’m guessing you’re describing a mobile phone? Your poor sister – being described as a Flamingo! It did make me laugh though.

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