WK5: My Smart Precious Thing

 My special thing is a living thing.My thing is a he.He likes to eat Chewy.He likes to chew newspapers and and eat shoes.

My precious thing likes to go to the park to play fetch and other games .He is very thin,smart and active.When I come back from school he is very happy to see.

My precious thing knows a lot of tricks like,shake a hand and lots more.On my birthday,he likes to eat my birthday cake on the table.Whenever Chelsea score a goal,he always bark.He likes to play with my family.

.My family loves my precious thing very much.


9 thoughts on “WK5: My Smart Precious Thing”

  1. Hi Fortune,
    I like your story because it is something like a rhyme.
    It reminds me of my dad.
    I wonder is the thing/person your dad?
    Goodbye for now
    Mrs Boyce’s class

    1. Hi Fortune.
      I like your story because it sounds like you have a good life.
      It reminds me of a day when I was young.
      I wonder how is your next day.
      Goodbye for now.
      Mrs Boyce’s class.

  2. Hi fortune I really like your guider it reminds of a programme I watch on TV is he actually that good . By from Matthew d please checkout my 100 WC . Mrs Boyce’s class

  3. Hi fortune. I like the part the protector has been there for you. But my question is why.

    Bye from Adam.

    check out mine at ms boyces class 100wc.net

  4. Hi Fortune
    I like your story because it tells blind people are important as people who can see
    Goodbye from Ciaran

  5. Well done Fortune. You have described your most treasured item well.
    It has to be a puppy! We have a puppy at home that we all love and like yours …he chews everything!
    Good work this week.
    Thanks again for all the wonderful comments this week.
    Mrs Boyce (Team 100WC)


  6. Hi Fortune,

    Good work this week. I think that your most treasured item must be a puppy or a dog. He sounds like my dog, who also loves to play games and barks a lot! It sounds like you have lots of fun together. Keep on writing!

    Ms Mc Namee

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