WK5 Have you guess it yet

I keep lots of secrets in it about school and even about my adventures it is kind of book everyone keeps there secrets in it . Have you guess it yet no you haven’t lets keep on going this is a book about your self and everyone you met. You can write about people you hate and write about people you like or something good happening around you and sometimes your personal stuff.you can write about your favourite thing in the world and the bad thing you hate in the world so have you guess it yet

7 thoughts on “WK5 Have you guess it yet”

  1. Hi Al-Amin,
    I the the clues you gave the readers and I think it’s a diary.Keep up the good work and please comment on my story at hptss://mrrussell.100wc.net/WK5:My-Smart-Pet/

    From Fortune in Mr.Russell’s class

  2. Ooooh this is a brilliant description Al-Amin! You’ve written a great piece here and i think i know what it is that you have been writing in – I think it’s your diary! This is some of your best work – well done and keep up the great effort!

  3. Well done Al-Amin. You’re describing your diary. You’ve done a great job describing all the things you can put into it. There have been lots of famous diaries published, perhaps in a few years you will be famous too.
    Some people even give their diaries names, did you name yours?
    Keep up the great work.
    Ms Brennock

  4. Hi Al-Amin,

    Well done on using some great descriptive language to describe your most treasured item. It sounds like use it a lot. I wonder if it is a diary? Keep up the good work!

    Ms Mc Namee

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