Wk4: The weird hallucination

Ok so this a story about a boy called John.He was a very weird boy but nice and friendly.One day he was hanging around with his friends.They were walking around when out of nowhere John suggested to go to the supermarket his friends agreed to go.It was a quite a long walk but they got there after a while.John just decided to get a potato then left.He ate the potato then he started hallucinating.There was a dog and there was a giraffe,cat,and a zebra.Oh yeah and the dog was wearing glasses all the other animals were wearing hats.So he thought the dog was the leader of the group.

3 thoughts on “Wk4: The weird hallucination”

  1. That is one strange hallucination, Shaun! I loved your story this week, it was very entertaining – and made me think i’ll have to check my potatoes before I eat them from now on! Keep up the great work!

  2. Hi Shaun,

    I like the way the animals were wearing hats and only the dog was wearing glasses and I hope you do more.

    From Fortune in Mr.Russell’s class

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