Wk4: Mr Real Flip

One day there was a teacher named Mr Real Flip. He had a dog called Tim and a cat called Filipino. Mr Real Flip had massive glasses witch made him look like a fool. The next day at school Mr Real Flip brang his dog Tim. And in the class room Mr Real Flip lost his glasses. Mr Real Flip was looking for his glasses every everywhere but just can’t find them. Then he looked at he looked at his dog…and the dog was wearing glasses. Everybody was laughing at Tim the dog. Tim’s eye’s looked massive. Mr Real Flip at home he looked at his cat. And the cat was wearing glasses. Then he looked at Tim he was not wearing glasses. Woof woof or that mean’s The End!!


2 thoughts on “Wk4: Mr Real Flip”

  1. Hi Filip or AKA:Real Flip,

    I like the way Mr.Real Flip lost his glasses and keep up the good work.

    From Fortune in Mr.Russell’s class

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