Wk 4: The dog who wants glasses

Ther was a dog and his owner. The dog was always trying to get the owner  glasses, but the owner was always wearing them. So one day the dog ran away. He went from shop to shop. Then he saw a shaded man the dog barked at the man the man ran. The dog followed the man to a museum. The man was trying to steal the monalesa. The dog bit the man the man screamed the police arrived the man ran the dog bit the mans legs and the man fell to his knees and a pare of glasses fell On the dog and the dog was wearing glasses.

3 thoughts on “Wk 4: The dog who wants glasses”

  1. Lots going on in your story Jamie! What a weird stroke of luck that the glasses fell right on the dog. I bet he looked pretty silly with them too! Good work on your story this week 🙂

  2. Hi Jamie,

    I like the way the dog bit the man and the man got caught by the police and I hope you do more.

    From Fortune in Mr.Russell’s class

  3. Good story Jamie! I like all the detail of what was going on. What a crazy dog. Do you think the dog will keep the glasses on? Be careful when writing such long sentences. Make sure to use your commas to help tell your story. Keep up the great writing!!

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