Wk4 The dog who was loved

One day lived a dog,It’s  name was supper pug he lived        In a house in England he was the best dog in the  world and ever night he went on a mission .3years on he got to big so they had to sell him the dog was starving at this new place he had never seen this before.Ever time they say and the dog was wearing glasses the Supper  pud car was there and he went to fight Mr Potato man . Hello supper pug I will kill you he shot the supper pug . Supper pug fell to the ground to be continued





4 thoughts on “Wk4 The dog who was loved”

  1. Pugs have a kind of lovable face alright, don’t they Josh! I hope that Super Pug is able to beat Mr Potato Man – it sounds like it might be an epic battle too! Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. Hi Josh,

    I like the way the way the dog move to another place and keep up the good work.

    From Fortune in Mr.Russell’s class

  3. Dear Josh,

    This story is really interesting. I couldn’t wait to know what will happen next! Well done!

    Best wishes,
    Sindy (Team 100WC)
    Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

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