WK:30 The time paintbrush

I was at home reading a book as my mum told me to come downstairs. I said what happened now my mum said a delivery came when did it arrive I said? My mum told me the story there was a knock on the door your dad opened it a strange man said this parcel was for you I said ok. The next day I opened it . It was a boring paintbrush my mom and dad were going to a party my childminder Jen had to take care of in the night we heard glass break. Downstairs we took weapons I took my paintbrush and we attacked my paintbrush glowed and said say go back in time and I changed time!!!!!

2 thoughts on “WK:30 The time paintbrush”

  1. Hi Alimin,
    I love your story because it reminds
    me of a book I read last week.
    I also like the part of the paint brush because
    I like to paint. Keep up the good work and
    comment on us on

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