WK29: The Fricnight

One scary night, I went to a crimson fair. When I got to the fair, I was frantically excited to go on the Fricnight. It was the scariest place at the fair. I had to pay 2.00 to go inside the Fricnight.

When I was inside the Fricnight, I saw lots of spooky stuff like a grave, bats, ghost and e.t.c.

After that, I had to overcome a quest to get out of this spooky,misty Fricnight. Luckily, I overcomed it.

Next, I went to the exit to get out of the Fricnight but it was locked. I shouted for help and luckily I got out of there.

5 thoughts on “WK29: The Fricnight”

  1. Hi Fortune.O
    I really liked your story, it reminds me of this thing in a fair i went on, it was really scary, well after twenty times not so much

  2. Hi Fortune,
    I liked the way you used the words.
    Would you like a hint for “grave”?
    It has two meanings (1)Somewhere you bury dead people (2) Really strict

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