WK2-Gator’s Grub

Mr.Principal invited all the teachers (including my teacher Mr.Teacher) to a night out in celebration of a happy new year, at Gator’s Grub. After the meal… Mr.Otherteacher asked, “What is this special steak made out of, my good sir?” “It’s made out of alligator meat,” the waiter  said casually as if it was normal to eat alligator meat. Mrs.Femaleteacher shrieked and broke her glass, spilling juice all over the mauve tablecloth. Therefore everybody started screaming; Mr.Teacher thought to himself,”This is a tricky situation.” So he climbed onto the table and screamed “STOP!!” So he could save himself the embarrassment of screaming teachers. The End

3 thoughts on “WK2-Gator’s Grub”

  1. Hi Ajim,
    I like the way all the teachers had a party to celebrate New Year’s. I hope you write more stories.

    From Fortune in Mr.Russell’s class (last year)

  2. That sounds like a CRAZY school Ajim! I have to say, I do LOVE the character names too. Brilliant! I think that I too would like to save myself the embarrassment of screaming teachers… Now, how to do that….. Keep up the great work, this is a brilliant story!

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