WK16: The Hand Of All Hands!

Once upon a time there…was a hand. But it was no ordinary¬† hand. HE WAS THE HAND OF ALL HANDS! Its the biggest, strongest, fatest and nicest hand ever. The hand lived in hand land, and in hand land…well…everybody was a hand. One day the hand of all hands, thought he will make a trip to the earth. Though when he arrived he was in a trash can, with bannana peel in his mouth. Then he teleported on top of a cargo. He did a celebrate pose with hes handy body. And went to who knows where? Umm do you know here he went?

2 thoughts on “WK16: The Hand Of All Hands!”

  1. This is a fantastic story Filip – I think maybe the best you’ve written! This hand land sounds like a fun place… maybe he went back there. Keep up the great work!

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