Wk18:Metal people

Welcome to the secret society of the metal people.The tall metal man spoke “welcome if you want to be here you will have to be a metal person”. A small child peeped up and said I want to be a metal person.So the large metal man picked him up  and dangled him above a large vat of metal.He dropped him the other people looked in horror as the child crawled out and looked like a metal person.Then the rest of the people had the same thing happen to them.After all of this happened they invaded the surface.Suddenly a wizard popped up and un metalafied the people and froze the evil metal man.

3 thoughts on “Wk18:Metal people”

  1. Hi Caoilan,
    This is an intriguing interpretation of the prompt photo and I so like your word ‘unmetalified’. What a frightening place those poor people found themselves in, but you have happily resolved their dire situation.
    Read your work through carefully, (whisper reading is good,) before you publish to ensure that you have all your punctuation correct won’t you.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Jackie (Team 100WC)
    New Plymouth
    New Zealand

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