WK18 The spy penguins

There once was penguins very funny penguins but they weren’t any old penguins they were penguins that were spy’s.They looked like statues they spyed on all crucks they once caught a alien boy who robbed a bag of crips and a bottle of water.But at one time he found a dog/cat girl type of thing she tried to rob the biggest bank in the world so she tried she poisoned the guards then robbed the bank.Suddenly the penguins showed up they turned into manikins and tripped her over and went to jail and sentenced to death and to never to be seen again.THE END

3 thoughts on “WK18 The spy penguins”

  1. Hi Thomas
    I enjoyed your story.
    And I think it was a bit harsh when she was sent to jail for Life.
    From Liam A
    Mrs Boyces class

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