WK18 The town of stone

There once was a town where everything and everyone was made from stone and even the water well stone water anyway there was a very unusual they weren’t made from stone. But two years later everyone and everything was normal but the human family were made of stone now and they were penguins. They started an army they called themselves the stone army. They captured every one in every planet and came across a carbonate person flying they called him stone solo because they turned him into stone. They’re home was blown up so they went somewhere else somewhere ┬ácalled ach-to.

3 thoughts on “WK18 The town of stone”

  1. Hi Adam
    I really enjoyed your story.
    I thought it was really exiting and I liked the way you ended it.
    Keep up the good work
    From Liam A
    Mrs boyces class

  2. Hi Adam,

    I really like your story idea! The start is particularly intriguing. I wonder why everything is stone? Your use of stone solo is very creative and funny! Maybe try adding some commas in to sentences to make it easier to read.

    Thanks for taking part in 100WC this week.
    Hannah (Team 100) -Birmingham, UK

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