WK:18 Johnny oh johnny oh

One day johnny was getting married to a woman called yemi  Alade and they got married. The next day jhonny went to another woman talking to her without yemi knowing,and after went to another girl and did the same. The next day he went to a news reporter and announced that he was the new boss of Lagos community centere without the real boss knowing, johnny was becoming a lier nower days. The next day all the girls came that Johnny had cheated on including yemi and chased him because he was cheating.The news reporter came and said these girls said u have been cheating now they,re going to beat u so I suggest u run. They chased johnny and beat him till he turned into stone.

2 thoughts on “WK:18 Johnny oh johnny oh”

  1. Hi Benjamin,

    This is a really nice piece, a great use of the prompt! The prompt is about a group of stony statues. You describe a piece about a man called Johnny and discuss through his issues in regard to his personal life. While you take a unique approach to introducing the statue at the end, personal issues are central to the lives of everyone, and this theme touches all readers making this piece very relatable. This makes the reader imagine such a visual description of their looks, feelings and thoughts as if they were alive. This is really unique and incredibly well crafted. I can relate to this in that many of people’s experiences develop in this way. By making the piece about Johnny and not about the statue until the end, it disorientates the piece, keeping the reader engaged with what’s going on. Likewise, this unsettles the piece and is captured really well along side Johnny’s domestic problems. It also introduces the reader to the story effectively. This grounds the piece. By showing the extent of Johnny’s lying, we can see that there really is a problem being experienced by him, and this lying could escalate. Indeed, he find this out the hard way with everyone turning against him. The conclusion that he turns into stone confirms what we were thinking, that Johnny couldn’t get away with it. Good use of grammar and punctuation too, especially your use of commas. Keep up the good work!

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