Wk18 Aliens turned to stone

One day a UFO flue over my head it had a weird letter on it, it looked like a Chinese signal. A flashing green and blue light fell from the UFO. 3 Aliens suddenly appeared and they had a gun to turn people into stone. They started to take over the world all the armies got tanks guns shields and whatever you use to stop an alien. I saw a gun on the ground next to a injured soldier he told me to mind myself and said ” this is like their guns it will freeze them make sure you hit them” I will. I went up to the aliens and I shot them and everybody turned back to normal

4 thoughts on “Wk18 Aliens turned to stone”

  1. Hi Ben Great story I love at the end you saved the day
    Great story keep up your great work Ben

    -Ben Q

  2. Hi Ben c!!,
    What’s up I really like your story!!. This story is just great!!. I have a question for you, If they had guns that could turn people into stone could they turn themselves into stone??. Bye for now, write back soon.

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