Wk:17 Red and his new friend

Red is a boy of 10 years old.Red cycled to school every day.Before Red finished his breakfast he looked at the clock.Red was LATE.Red hoped on his bike an cycled as fast as he could.Suddenly Red had to stop there was a baby snake on the road.Red loved snakes.The little snake did a toung flicker to say to Red mommy?Red took up the snake and help it in his arms.Red rushed home to show his mom.Red’s mom loved it as soon as she saw it.Red got to stay home to help take care of the snake.The next day Red went to school he told all his friends.But no one   Believed him.

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  1. Hi Caoilan. Great story I loved the way Red took care of a snake and Red’s mom loved it as well as Red and keep up the great work Caoilan

    -Ben Q

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