WK17 The red eyed snake

Once there was a snake a very sneaky snake with red eyes!The snakes name was sneaky peat   peat was a robber  he always robbed  and timed him self on the big clock that he brought around with him and every time he had a bike he cycled away on it.But before he tried to rob a house boy that was left at home with his sister the boy was a rabbit and his sister was a fish I know fish’s need water to breath but she was different.She planned traps so she did when peat tried to break in he got stuck in a trap and were put in jail and never seen again.

3 thoughts on “WK17 The red eyed snake”

  1. Hi Thomas,
    What an imagination! When you read your story out loud to yourself, do you pause anywhere? If so, you may want to add end punctuation or a comma.
    Keep writing!
    Mrs. Kimball Team 100
    A.E.Wright Middle School
    Calabasas, CA USA

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