WK:17 The father that loved his son so much

As I was walking down the hill coming from school I saw my dad waiting for me. He said to me “Paul how was school his face was red as a red snake. I looked at the clock on my hand”it was before 4.He knew that I misbehaved in school he just didn’t want to embarrass me in front of everyone,We entered the car and he said Paul come and sit in the front seat why are you sitting in the back seat. Then I went and sat in the front seat, He was smacking his lips at me the whole ride home I was surprised he didn’t say anything. We enterd the house and said why did you misbehave and slapped me so hard I saw two bananas behind his head. He replied remember I’m only beating you because I love you and left to go to work he cycled I was relived

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