WK16: The Shapeshifter Part 2



Read part one before this adventure:

WK15: The Shapeshifter

Ok remember Steven remember I told you he never shapeshifted again. I forgot about this story. Steven was minding his own business and he forgot he had powers. Because it had been so long since he turned into a dog. So he was walking and then he put his hand out to wave to his friend and he turned into his friends hand. So he did exactly what he did to get out of the dog. But went to the doctors instead of the vets. The doctor couldn’t do anything. So Steven went to the friends house and after staying their for a year he waved himself and turned back into a human.

4 thoughts on “WK16: The Shapeshifter Part 2”

  1. Nice story Shaun I like the part when he tries to wave at his friend and turns into his hand.Anyway nice story Shaun keep up the great work??????


  2. There is a strange kind of magic at work I think Shaun! I hope that he will manage to avoid shapeshifting again – next time, he might not be able to turn back into a human again! Keep up the good work!

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