WK16: The Scary Creepy Hand

once upon a time there was a boy called max and he was walking to town to get a game in gamestop. before he went in he saw a creepy scary hand ahhhh said max  there is a creepy hand the creepy hand was from underground max ran to gamestop .we went to get a game ok i will get black ops 3  its only €25:00 .ok lets pay ok lets go thank you bye ok lets go home the creepy hand was on him ahhh  max got him and threw him threw a house ok lets go ok  im saved misson completed.

5 thoughts on “WK16: The Scary Creepy Hand”

  1. Hi Dylan I loved the story because I LOVE Black ops 3.Keep up the good work ?

    Carrington Waterford,Ireland

  2. It sounds like Max was dreaming or in a game, Dylan! Maybe he was day dreaming while he was in GameStop buying his game….? Try to remember to include capital letters at the start of sentences – that will make your story even better! Keep up the good work!

  3. Hi Dylan amazing story you got here. Though you could have put in more captle letters and a bit more full stops. But if you don’t mind those..the story is pretty good. I hope you have a safe and fantastic day and can you comment on my story. Thanks if you did https://mrrussell.100wc.net/wk1g-yaaaaaaa-its-a-hand-of-all-hands/ Make more amazing story’s like this and watch for making more mistakes like those capital letters and a bit more full stops.

    Filip,Real Flip, Filip.p

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