WK16 Handy Manny

There once was a young man called Mandy he was handy man.Mandy he was called out to a factory to fix a giant vat filled with super moulding clay.While Mandy was fixing the vat he fell in.He was pulled out but it was to late he had moulded into a giant hand.Mandy had decided to become a super hero He would know be know as ┬áhandy Manny.Manny’s first heroic act he stopped a bank robbery When he caught them he found they had heart wrenching stories 1 of them had a very sick son.So handy Manny let them off with a warning.

4 thoughts on “WK16 Handy Manny”

  1. Hi Caoilan loved your story one of the funniest ? my favourite part was about HANDY MANNY well done


  2. Ah Handy Manny…. haven’t heard that name in a long time! But how terrible for him that his accident caused him to become a giant hand. At least in this new form he can be a force for good now that he decided to become a superhero. Keep up the good work Caoil├ín!

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