WK16 The handless haunter

Once there was a man who was nice and funny and had a great life his name was Jeffo .Until one day a creepy looking man was behind him in his house “HI!” shouted the mysterious man “AH” Jeffo screamed in horror.”who are you” said Jeffo the man replied taking off his robe “I am your father” uhhhhhh ok “just kidding “. And boom the man pulled off Jeffo’s hand AHH everyone heard in the neighbourhood. And Jeffo became the handless haunter he pulled off everyone’s hand he came across and someone asked him hey can I have a hand Jeffo gave him a very cold stare and pulled off his other arm “there you go” said Jeffo eh thanks said the man.

3 thoughts on “WK16 The handless haunter”

  1. Very good story Adam – if a little scary! This Jeffo guy is not someone I’d like to meet – I like having both my hands! (*remember to include speech marks in your story when a character is speaking!)

  2. Hi Adam, what a great 100 Word Challenge!
    I enjoyed your mixture of both horror and humour. Jeffo certainly sounds like a frightening character!
    Keep up the good work!

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