WK16 The hand man

Once there was a man who was a evil sintist his name was Dr patrope.Dr pratrope loved to be evil,roon children’s nightmares and make creepy things.Like once he made a hand man he could go big or small anytime.Hand man tried to destroy anything he seed cars buildings if he was hungry he would eat food stores.When kids were asleep the hand man would try clime in your house window he looked scary because it looked like his nails where not cut in three years.But there was a boy who the hand man came in his house before  and kept on coming into his house so the boy set up a trap it works hand man was never seen after he got shot and it never happened again


5 thoughts on “WK16 The hand man”

  1. This Dr. Patrope sounds like a nasty villain alright Thomas. I think that I’d have nightmares too if I saw a hand man! (Remember to always check back over your story to see if you might have made any spelling mistakes.)

  2. Hi Thomas, This is one Doctor I would NOT like to be visiting if I was sick. He sounds like a very nasty piece of work. I’m glad he was trapped and never caused trouble again.

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