Wk16 Donald Turnips Turnip Hand

Once upon a time lived a creepy hand that resembled the face of Donald Turnip. It was made as a statue but a wizard mad it come to life. It was located at the top of Turnips Tower. It was a nocturnal hand that went out at night and stole Turnip, well of course he did. When he stole your turnips he would make MEGA-TURNIPS to eat. When he eats MEGA-TURNIPS he grows like Donald Turnip he kinda has a lot of width, no offence. But one time they set a trap and they caught him RED HANDED good joke right?

3 thoughts on “Wk16 Donald Turnips Turnip Hand”

  1. Hmmm… I suppose it is a good joke, I’ll have to HAND it to you 😀 I’m not a huge fan of turnips Excel – and the thought a mega turnips is terrifying! Good work this week, well done!

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