WK:16 The dancing hands that came in handy

Long ago there were a couple of hands that lived in South Africa ??¬†. They are famous for their dance the gwara gwara. Sixty days later their king said in the hand accent” thee gwara gwara iss faymas in southh afrrica wee shouuld makke ittt comme inn hendyyyy he said. Then they went to make their famous pounded yam food. The next day the kings son makorokozza was in trouble with forrenor hands the forrenor hands came to South Africa from Zimbabwe ??¬†because their king told them to come. The next day the Nigerians ?? Came and did the same except the queen came and said HO IF I SHOULD SLAP U TODAY YOU DIRTY CORRUPTED CUCUMBA HEADED CROCODILE . Then the king of South Africa son came and stoped the fight and had an African renunion.

4 thoughts on “WK:16 The dancing hands that came in handy”

  1. What an eventful story Benjamin! I’m just glad that the stopped fighting in the end and had a reunion. Well done on writing your story this week.

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