WK:15The Fortnite umbrella journey

In the beginning myself running getting out of the circle grasping for a medkit for health.Third circle others building forts and the I finally decided to try to get high ground five left some people had snipers so I had to be extra careful then I decided to sneak up for an easy kill.The guy had very good loot so I took it all.Three people left.I quickly ran to my fort and built higher till I coul see you people I kilt a guy then I got shot at so I then shot a rocket then knocked two people and won the umbrella.

7 thoughts on “WK:15The Fortnite umbrella journey”

  1. I love!!!! Your fortnite story like the were you were sneaky sniper shoot and u got the battle royala win. Bradley. S

  2. Carrington, I think this is a description of a computer game. I really like the pace. I think short sentences to help me breathe while I read would be even better!

  3. Well done on your story this week Carrington. I know that Fortnite is a game – because my son plays it (at lot). I’ve never played it. It seems that you enjoy playing the game as much as my son does. I wonder does your mam have to remind you to come back to the ‘real’ world too!!
    Keep up the great work.
    Ms Brennock

  4. Hi Carrington,
    A really great story; a good use of the prompt! You describe a really fast paced, varied and exciting action piece. Such a topic gives the piece a familiar feel. I can relate to this as I remember watching films such as the Hunger Games which has a similar feel to your story. The way you jump straight into the story is really effective in grabbing the reader’s attention. Rushing out of the traps to get a medkit, for example. This really disorientates the piece and makes the reader concentrate. Your specific knowledge in the piece ie going to the high ground to survive is impressive. The addition of concepts such as loot remind me of gaming, as if you’re trying to advance in an online game. Having the ending result in you victory is fitting – you use your skills described in the story to beat everyone and come to victory. Keep up the good work!

  5. Hi Carrington
    Great story I like the bit when you won the game and the umbrella
    Keep up the good work

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