WK15: The Shapeshifter

In the beginning there was a boy called Joe and Joe hated dogs you will see why later. Joe wasn’t ordinary Joe had superpowers his superpowers were he could shapeshift into anything he wanted to. But one day he shapeshifted into a dog and couldn’t get out of it. The owners of the dog realized there dog was acting weird. So they brought him to the vet. The vet said it was not a dog inside it something had got into it. But just then the dog spelled out”I am Joe”. So the vet did some sort of spell and then Joe popped out of the dog. Joe never shapeshifted again.


2 thoughts on “WK15: The Shapeshifter”

  1. I’ll bet Joe didn’t shapeshift again – imagine if he had been stuck as a dog forever!! Good work Shaun, well done!

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