WK15 The strange boy called Dean

Once there was a boy Dean who’s alwayls dreamed about going to never land  but in the beginning it wasn’t just an ordinary boy.But he didn’t know it because in every dream he was perfect peter in never land.Every single night for 3 months he had the eggsact same dream  but when he woke up he was jumping around.So he got his friend jombibidy bob to watch him all night but jombibidy bob could fall asleep so he brought his other friend Jack. But mysteriesly he flew out his window and his friends went looking for him it was a surprise they met Peter Pan  soon they seen.Dean so they new it was him they’re told him the next day and his dream came threw so he was ok and lived happily ever after the End.

3 thoughts on “WK15 The strange boy called Dean”

  1. Hi Thomas,

    Great story, it was nice to see that Dean got his wish granted eventually and ended up living in the Never Land.
    The pace of the story was great and the introduction of other characters meant a lot happened in such a short story which was great!
    I really enjoyed your 100 words, the only improvements I can suggest would be to just look at some spellings for example: ‘eggsact’ is actually spelt: Exact.
    Keep up the writing!

    Milly (Team100WC) From Leeds

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