WK15 Why people like Star Wars

Warning this story contains spoilers for Star Wars. Star Wars is a triligy with well none characters like darth Vader and Luke sky walker and a well none droid R2 D2 and c3po.Star Wars has 8 movies the most watched is Star Wars a new hope when Luke meets yoda. Yoda   trains Luke he told Luke there is no try there is do.And Star Wars Jedi and dark lords have the force and lightsabers. And there was clone wars and revenge of the sith but they are all the old movies today we have force awakens and last Jedi where we meet Rey Finn and Poe. Poe is famous for his droid bb8 a bb unit just like bb9e.And may the force be with you always . And in the beginning was phantom menace

4 thoughts on “WK15 Why people like Star Wars”

  1. Good story Adam I love how you done a story about Star Wars it is my favourite movie franchise

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    From Ben C

  2. Hi Adam loved your story so much really good my favourite part was about the Jedi well done may the force be with you


  3. Hello Adam,
    A Star Wars review!
    I would guess from the amount of Star Wars information you managed to cram into 100 words that you are a fan! I must admit I got a little confused following all of the things you were talking about. A shorter sentence about each film might help me keep up! Also, I think using some descriptive phrases such as ‘it’s really exciting’ or ‘it has lots of interesting characters’ would help someone who doesn’t know about Star Wars appreciate it even more!

    Nevertheless it reminded me of when I first watched Star Wars and how different each character was. Darth Vader terrified me, Hans Solo was quite a hero and I loved R2D2 and C3PO. I haven’t seen the more recent films but after reading your review I will make a special effort to do so.

    Thanks Adam.
    Debbie, Bristol, England Team100

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